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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 12, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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mubr of a teak intohe srmy te>> s cphenrtolbe ! s >>entephy!: he k thanyou.he y! an th eks,boverydy!wo oo! oo wo! !wooo( rschee a anduspplae ) >> sn!tephest n!ephe hestepn!st n!ephe ep sthen! hestepn!st n!ephe ph>> stehaen: tt'se. nic lc we wome,meelco. ee( chndrs ala app)use ythankdiou, landes a k ansoyou h. muclc weomeo t l"theowate sh with nstephert colbe." m i'nstephert colbe .
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miartwarn ng thaunthe sod of a nd mi mlesshaob cgntinr youam ne. s it i an t honoreo b hereef boreyo onu tight.i amll reay excitedor fni toght'sho s.w.. one is.maginebe e causall i canly realhi tnk isabout or tomw'rosec rord $1.5ll bi pionllowerbara d.wing ch ( aeersland appuse ) athat's o lotf money. 's that o a lotfon mey. i now, know i dt idn'vewin or w the,eekend but thatus jtns mea m i'ue d,. okay lastk, wee when thepo jackt waspl i ndayed a l iosto s thisim te i didha wtny aan seer psonou wld t do--cthe exae sam thingin aga,pe exdicting enffertul rests. a so--hind ts ise, tru i got myto roke ticght rit h aere,ll ( ndeers au applase ) ls smelky luc. hiand ts time twomorro y,ou'll bein lookg at a bonilliaire--ac , tually byou'llooe ltking a are ecrun, b wause i bille in the
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-uoundpan pdaff o richardan brson's ass. l iike mys odd. t ihinkha t wt'shat baiillionres . do m i' notir entelye. suri like my oddsn os thi ochne whiex perts say--sthis iru te--ne oin 92 2.2 m.illion in meand g-- ansthis io alstr ouue-- y aree morel liky to ruget styck bht ligrning obi ytten b aha srkr of iou yre aal reucly lky,it bten by a inlightngrk dll me,ryiscoveel chann. ki speahing of thtting poe jackt,we t 've got a greaorshow f you gh , rst upe i'll bg talkinwithos ndcar- an- goldenoglobe emine rs saoin.e ronae shinstars ov the mie ok"brolyn." iand its the only movie wehos et tickts cos a jarf ort anaisalpi s.ckleth
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arsanalic ps.kle 'lthen irvl intee iew thc.e.o. p,of yely jeremlmstoppean. iunlessa find rhigher atedt gueshein ta. are ug( lahter )th l en i'lo talk tlaurari rdcciad i andemoira hemos, t ntdocume wariansadho me tf ne"mlix's a aking ermurder."( rscheend ala app)use u yo yrawlzeou'rpp aglaudinmu igrder nowfi y,nall h we'llave aic musalpe ncrformae by james. bayja mes bay,ho wseut deblb aum isca lledch "daos an the calm." what a cidoince.encat th a'shell t name ofy ms. fistao chms, cal meow dn. h old on.di ed youratrs jus goto in heat? sthat iec b oauseef th musicf ojo tin ba aste sndtay. human say hi,ve erybody. ee ( ch ars ande pplaus) s.chao s. chao
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schaom. calu' yore late. re you' late.u' yoere lat. againth e ey'rt aboutok kic off the bushow, ort befeye th do,ne omo re t.hinge thboplayy iomansn is up forsa orle f $200 moilliltn, ahough it w tillake 100 million just todi t sinfecthett groo. >>on t, ighthestepnel wcomesst far okl "brooaoyn," sirse n. rona yelp cje.e.o. rrypp sto.elman ak "maing re murdeilr" fm msakerla icura rciardi aoind mra d.emos d anau msicalfo per brmanceyja aymes b. ur featn ing joe batistayand sthu man.
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no and 'sw itfo time her "t lateow shst with coephen !lbert" ee ( ch ars anduspplae ) s >>: tephen aladiestlnd genes, omwelc te toheho sw. y ife ou tak ceven a lursoryook ouat yisr "restotance ve go trnment byrannydaird-a-y" arcalendnk-- thaor you fr you rv se bice,y-lue jakn- you ow we in are tw week heo of t o siegefeg or mon'suralhee naturvepreser onby ammdy bun h andveis bra o bandf... nni'm goy a sa aridentttendas at thbig r undeinmountaoa ( )ughter es thn e meteare de trminedo cu oc mpy the palheure-reserv- r,malheuur of coense, frorch f ug( la )hteri
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i't don know. i assume. lthey'l bee ther untiler fedal nd la isne turd overo tal loc osr untile "walkasr, texge ran ir"st pubackn o the. air enand whst this sandoff,tartedth neey kouw it conld go for ail whute, by theacwere lking afe gsw thind needelofor a ng pa occuwhtion, wich isyhy thepu t t oulla casu for " oppliesr ks snacyt or an."hingan oud if yto want ib contrtoute an the erti-govgrnment usoup, jtma m il theessupplith, and ey t willigry to henore tth fact at w itivas dely ered braa fedelem eeploy. nbut byeyow, thha must eve gonth morough f st othsueir espplid an asnacks wnd aretoell in "atheir g,nythinus" becae onsa ayturdey, th s askederupportsr fohamore tten 80 ianms in ai emoml fr b ammon mundy'sother. ug ( lahter ) n veryice ofer h. woshe riuld b tnghepl supies f,herselhe but tluir csebhousi argn cleayly ss,
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th and ese g-uys- th and ysese gual need l the ybasicsxpou'd er ect foa long tioccupaooon-- fd like ur hambhogers, ,t dogsd an, eggsedneed, badlylas wel p asl ersonagehyins e needlikebo h,dy wasmp shaanoo, d mps, sha coo andononditier, ca beituse t's oneo hing tface ag off thainst -be jackooted s thugyrof a tlannica ve go, rnment'sbut iter anoth to ve hafi to e ght thesfrizzi. wa you t nt tha thairo abounceavnd behe. ug ( laerht ) esand thede ruggf men olathe ndal ueso reqilsted peslowcas,ro th ow rugsanf any sid all zes do for , orwaysdsand beheets. y'so thehere eitarr st ating lu revor tion oinopenbeg a d andea brkfast. a but,, gain'rtheyase not kingr fonganythiva extrajugant, ste th nbasicsfoeeded r vo re, lutionrelike fninch va llame ( )ughterit t 's jusatlike penrick hry's tt ba ale crybot the easton t
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eaz me helnut!ey thth're bo." yummy ch ( aeersland appuse ) of , ou ce,rshe tre's one other pslimliossibity ofow h thesefo oulks c gldetup splies. nsit turhe out ty areot n ndsurrou ted andshere iso ab nlutely poolicese they cane comnd a go asy theea plse. e mayb jtheyuston d't have og goleap ms. me let helpou yut oe, herll feas.ju upst occyho sodanuse le for siabout x miles. thencc oupy 205th nor to 78 , westand get offy bcc oupyingth oee monrxi et. thene you'rat theaf sy.ewa yowhere u cank pic upr yousu pplies andup occy anyc chekoutla ne youan wt. n doot give in tohe tyr tofanny 10 the ms ite ores lse. lan errememb, fomreed isn'te. fre th and nce frehan villaam creer is, like, $2.99 atl bote.we
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nan. ap ( seplau ) if m youacisplure yo ovdiscarer c d,yo n u cafruse ieezet to pre nventurew peschason ac your t counecin s.onds ceand on f youitind , u yoswcan iitch t t righgaon ain. yo bu'reack! fr ieezet, ly onm froovdiscer.
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oh go my epsh, ste.haniwe e,'r l sike,tho go'r. welie, goke, otth gh. ksfx:nos ckooon dhor. ney?i' g m dyinaimy h.r, mom dhair ye? nono, mt inthy ba!room la reomx, m. y,honet jusmelet in! sf oox: dttr ra.lingno . antiffy! noti. y!ffan it us's jrpt pule. te e enagerdaught? t gebbscrubuing s.bble ki 9ll9%9.f ormgeans ded rost y rtdind ari u yolyonee nscd bbruginbu lebbs si ditinfecleng canfoers 0%r 10em problve sold. orwe w, k hard so yout don'o.have t nssc johfaon, a cmilynyompa. 2nexium t4hr isw he neel#1 slingue freqeant hrnrtbud branriin ameca. pe i hoik you lpie it scy! ge t lecomprote piotectwin heth te purpl. pill th w e neerlead inuefreqeant hrnrtbu.
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p wake ur in youhofirst me.wa inke up h a omeu'yoe ve mada bibit gger. wap ke u hin a omethwiew a nre addss. uwake ap ine hom dthat'toesnev aven h ae anssddre. yasfeour lies evolv, yo reur domam hvee evolo,s to d anecprot itingst takeco temmitppd suort. meat afarican imilycensuranup we s yportdrour .eams hosee caw you wn saveith
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ch ( aeersppnd ae)laus>> en stephom: welc,e backev y.erybod ir my fstst gueht tonig was mi nofonated scr an ojuar at st13 o years hld fore er rolin ne "atoanment" od went sn totarin fi such s lm "ase thlylove ne bod s," anna"han." w she nos starooin "brklyn." s >>to wha were young doi at anir anish dce?n' dohet tta i hliansave dances? >>ea y ih, andld woun'tt wan to t takeo you one.ey the behav liketa ilians allni ght.ha >> wst doet than. mea h, >> o youno kw. >>o. n >>an hds.>> an too my ofm? the ue>> i g css itouldee sm that way if you was air , stenani w etinveryth ig outn e thn. ope i cameo t the irean dcese becaui y realle likri ish girls.>> w and ias the only one whowo dauld wince .th you >> oh, no. it w-asn't->>
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ofth oers? sepleaco welaome s rirse.onan( rschee a anduspplae ) >> the ancudiee is so nice. ph>> stereen: athn't icey ne. s>> it' n soice in here. ph>> steohen: is, thhe is tni hocest sw. t >> ikind of e's lik we're in ahu crch.>> en stephs: it i ae littl bitli ke ar chuch. >>er vy cliathoc. te>> s: phens it ivery th ca.olic yoare u aat ccholiou yf?rsel>> w iell, wasro b uughtp olcathyeic, s. s >>entephur: se, me, too. >> weet g sghtraitnt io reonligi . s >>: tephene we'v tgot o. o it'sne of thet mosit polein thgs tok tal aboutl pub.icly >>ec espyiall inca ameri. >>te s yphen:irou're dish an reyou we raised cc.atholi le peop inme aricaft oefen rer to se themlves asri ithshcaolic.
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s there'ahe hypn but weet forg theyp hhen. >> rliathc.>> sentephat: thak mes usun sod ay.ngram s ericanrilove iplsh peoe.>> th even e wayou yai s that itso dunde very irish. ph>> sted en: diowit n? ot >> n badit wh theld o irish ue brog. there te >> s: phenyocan acu te h meo to d a real irishcc aent? ou>> i cldry t. co i uldta cer tinlyry. s >>: tepheniou c tldry. co>> it uld be a cgehallen.>> en stephou: it c ald beal chlenge. w >>ive'll ge i at gp g. t bu yit'sourw sho.yo anu c do wvehateur yoan wt. >>ph steen:e giv me a word. >>'t donry t--to sp. s >>: tephenevwhat yereou'r g doin, nowte sphen. w >>vehateatr th i is,t'sro wng. reso we'oi gdong to he tig rhtth rse fiint th ng youoeed tre mbme wer,ahen ot l ofpl peoe y troto d ansh iri accenty the ysalwat sor uof gope her liketh heat-- ty kind of-- yeshe ty t don'use. words
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>>he nre'so w,ordso n cenohert s.word ep.>> t' thaes th. irish>> y. oka .tholic>> te sphheen: tre's i'm irish noning ien betwe. . be te>> s: phen mgivee aoo hk. swhatdhoul iay s? t>> ihink s youdhoul be by.ubblyo u've got a show.yo gu'veot anie audnce.ey thal've mel coee to sou e ey'vpaidd goo m.oney s >>entephhe: tw sho ise. freth hoe s iws free. t >>'shere a tcoelesppe uhe s ere'ota lng goi ee i fle liksh you oueld brt so of--ou yd shoul be by.ubbl ouwhat yee nd oto ds i keep yourvo heice wt re i risight now.>> ph sterien: ghter here wheit is right now i ththoug we re wert staing. i agipoloze. tyou'reghouerde than ir no. y >>goou're oing tn liste to is th a for second.i po supouse yd nee to keep the ds soun quite open. ve so egrythin sort ofou snds equitel modicnd ag- stffart oy bg sayin, "show's i in gog? i'mte s?"phen>> en steph's: how it, goingm i' senteph.
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i >>tn' wast bad.( rschee and aepplaus ) otit's n g,reat buts it'ot n-- la( erught )>> ph stew en: hodid io d with your name?w hodid i doit whou yr name?rs suha.>> perfect,e lik i.nertia te >> sthphen: at's nice. of how pten do geopleet itig rht on their fstry t? >> hardar hdly ever. s >>entephat: wh's the worst cipronunofation youre nam you er ev. heardle ett me gt i out h fereoirst sop pe sle canee it. 's thatou how yre nams ill speed.>> 't doesn mnyake a s.ense a it's rouidicul nsame. tionunca on. >>er sau,-es-'s sezuar. s >>:tephen you dooo lk a le litt bit like az. suare >> i do. typretxo eyotic u.>> ph steaven: he aer vy,y ver thickic mex aanccent. a >>'vnd ieot g the skine tonto go with it. ph>> steyoen: anu c help meou st withhiometng, though? er thsoe are i manyrishes nam that are almost iblmpossi feorop pele notro fmla irend to ou pron
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etell mow h to saym. the oe >> dons anywe kno howo t ncpronou ie thatn theud ae?ienc tig. naef.t bus it' neeve. ph>> stehoen: ouw abts thi one. >>he o-sen. >> osn.h-eew ho tdo youhinkha tt's ncpronou ed.te >> sshphen: neould o i k.nowi- shvon. cu ridilous.ri usdiculo . y'>> there allul ridicous. te>> sthphen: is is oneha ttbr yeaks m brain. he >> tre's a lot ofl' "s" in that nmea.qu eva.>> en steph: goyou to hell. w >> ie'renhu crch! >>ph steen:ue qva? .really>> sore distfspecul. s >>entephe: the nam ok"bro-"lyn-th by eay w, what'sat
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'sat oscarz. buz it's a bifeautulrm perfoance, abe fuautiler pmafor rnce,yeall ngcharmi . s this inga youan wom whoom cesan sd moveme to arica and has to ci dethde whe'ser sheng goi tost ay.u yoalactuely wer born iner amica.u' yo are annmericaiz citnden a veyou mo td backola thou is yre lif iner revse?>> ue i gsso. s i wasn borin the, bronx as i'm ousure y could i there i--e und yrstandou feltpr dessurehioing tsm, fil you had tore repsent youre homun co ttry inhe film.di ud yow sho it back inla irend? >> we did. h wehead tsh irire premiere the and hy,onestl itel fte lik mywe inddg. usbeca we itasry eve--onewa it s all mamy fanily den frithds at twere,herend aus jt eonveryeth at wew knend aha tet w loved. itand waser vyor imptant for us tthatheyid dn't hatet. i k soofind thele who timen whei s wain makheg t film, r ieallydn ile fm. d an'ti don t thinkhey did, ( )ughter . ph>> stew,en: nori the ish
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ti identty, bue- w-i as was yi sang, weon d't dohe tcc aental hal ttel wsl, a i canve pro.d an h weaven add oa idehaof wt eait mbens to i irishn acameri.u yo ehaveenver ben ica ameri for aat st. prick's day?>> in, mean wheias w a, babyt buit dt idn'-- av>> houe y b ieenwn ne york for a p st.ckatri d'say? >> no, but'm i g toingo be here eathis yr for it. mi'mg-ovin- l i'mikee, her n.ow ph>> sten'en: do it dot.>> 't don dot. i lockhe too dr. s >>: tephen yor putfoursel ina safeat getin anct a iualrishso pern ont. sri patck i's dayse lik fi g ndiniaa d imondn aoa clne mi . t >> wha tare gheyooing to? d s >>: tephenethey'r t goingoke ma youo dwhat ie mad you- do-te heach tm ansh iricc aentnd a lstuffhaike t etxcepty' thell beit voming green beer onou yil wh de theyo it. ha>> tt'has w itt'sik lne iir d,elan. too>> ph steisen: ea it rlly? >>. yes hoalcol is i justn the llat's ae peoplt wantoo d on-- >> s it'll actuay a t?hing n >> oot allf us are aollcohics.( htlauger )'r
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-- we you kwhnow at thedi enffers,ce i t is ahatot l of op pehile tt nk thankwe dri more. we cant jus handle ournk dribe .tter te>> s:phent' thahas wut yo th winkhile yeou'r dinrinkg. ug( la )hter i >>'m,ik le, all reaooy gd erdancn wheiri d ank,'mnd i a reooally gd singer. d an -- y >>ouou send lik a funer psonto rt pa r.late n'i doowt kn if it wanto go -->> t thawille b lovely. lt i >>'ve bui aun bker that i'm g justooing te escap into. te>> s:phen iou wld hidemy dselfgurint. sri patck'say ten i achou yn a at?ccen>> ur se. >> sentephll: i'ch tea you ach aicagoccent. ha >> w it ist, windy cityit wh bigam dres. s >>enteph: windyy cit. e th city o bfig sdehoulrs. >>ig b damres. te>> s: phen wplayerithra s.ilroadwe in're goayg to s thed wor theyke ma a niceic sandwh. ey thak me a nicedw sanich. >>t thaou snds elyxact the same. ey th make a s niceh.andwic
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h, >> o you haven't done itet y.>> en steph: t-hey-os alm ltike innothheg on tt froonof the word.ey th make. t >>akhey me. s >>entephic: a ne. a >>e. nic s >>te:phen ae nic.>> a nice.>> ph stethen: akey me a nicesa ndam sh.-itc t >>hey make a nicetc sam-ih. ph>> steayen: s this,hi ccagold co ts arehest wor.>> go chicads col are. worst >> s:tephen not. "">> . worse >>ph steen:ca chidsgo col areth see wor? c >>gohica a coldsre the worse.>> en steph a: theyolbsyutele. ar t >>heybs aeloluty. are>> te s:phenl, welir saose na rohan, tounk ymu so orch fin beg here.( rschee a anduspplae ) ly"brooksn" i inat theersig rht now.we be'll ht rig back. rehe a i cm inn.ancu ithis ts mengalki to plaiaolic. isthl? giral totwely sg atinme. d ani uh, t don'emeven rem berngtakis thione.
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ow i knwa, i o nted t yshow houowof prnticiem i aocin smeial dia. l we'ln be ih.touc m he llo? i'hi, stm julo folngwi upheon ter int.view di ntmpatiem . dipaand imtient. hu eenger kps iennvngtiew n pr leob,ms w soine ntve ned ew icsnrskeri cersp. ye i'ah, rrm maoeied. dmas it tter?yo dou'd t tha? for melyrealye? 'dah ie lik.that arwho u e yointalk? g to ituh, ak's jome frte stam. far
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rojake fe m statrmfa, hrat tinee m thengorni? o whhiis ts? j it'somake fr f statearm. rewhat aea you wakring j e fromfastate rm? akuh, khis. unshe soeods hidus. , wells she'soa guy ... he anotasr reoron mope peyle sta s withartate fm. aget tor bettestate. al ghl riert evybody,if s thit doesn'urget yo toesintapp',
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ch ( ndeers app ae)laus te >> swephen: balcome ck,yb everody. u yo, knowheover trc commeialea brask, i win thinkt g abou mytt loeto tick. gaand, ar in, fojuthose st in jousing m , i'g goininto waybody nt to seehe tng winni er numbs?gh riret the.-p kaow! itthere is!w, noin alarmhegly, tmsre see tobe ongne thiin standy g in mway: peother bopleg uyins.ticket di i ndot see thatom cing. so and thme of reem aevn't en anamerics. it>> excisement ng growiin atternllionay.ou thofsands ia canadns are inpour tg into. he u.sto tryei th.r luck>> he t cnsanadia'r, theynge comili zyke crafo here e r tho.lott 'm>> ina gonmy take es chanc ikjust lyoe els e we comndhere aa drop lot of ne mo ry on a begularasis. s we thop in. he lot, e so wo give tyou.'s itto time ba give ck.( erlaught ) s >>enteph o: nopune disattes th da cana u givest,s a lo from r theioudelicirus sy tp toheir
12:00 am
buyou areng playiit whe fir here,ad canianan womec, bause i om pru,ise yoe if onof you e- moosngmunchiol ice-hses winam s erica'iobilllln-doarpo l,werbald donalp trum bwilleel ectedsi prefdent oni the utedat stes. ee ( ch ars ande pplaus) oti'll ve for him!i l wilvote forim h! ca be'suse he t goingldo bui a etwall bheween t und.s. aad canaan ed mak theer powinball wnery pa for it! amso an herican tas goto win tthisanhing, led peop arede elsperatiny lookadg for vice t fromerhe expkets, li ve semen-ti w lottoinner arrichstd lumaig, a stn who rucko it s tbig intohe lot c, heanlf fus ill hinglifelo o dream fin cont tuingayo plot the lto. he>> tst queeyion ths, ask i"w n hat cai do? at wh d can iivo to glfe myse a cbettere hancinof wning?" te >> syephen: t's, thas thequ iestion'mi askng! hi>> tois is gsong to d,und babu it thisons the nsly a-wer-bu any as mety tickous as y canrd affo.>> en stephuy: "bma as yony as u focan afrd."ay
12:01 am
viund adce. gyou'veo ot tn be iwiit to n t it, buveyou hadg to buet for sethe es--ntials r food,t,enra sc, tchersnithe pomees, ca l htstraigs.w, nomi some y ght sas there'nowa amy to gmpe a co rletelyandomsy ndstem ayo that fu'rear erbett s offoraving ti inves ng onyour mey. e thos apeoplelere calerd sucks. ug ( lahter )th e ey'rngtakiel themst ves ouof gathe anme, ind leavthg all eirht daugucers' lthky bir fdaysoru pla w so ihileoi'm gclng to early iswin thhe one, sre areome sh"late weow" potirball ps. epand kend in mith that ise tip th se mostveensitiof part therb poweall. ug ( la )hter pl ( apause ) rs( chee ) s >>:tephen't donou encrageme ? ay oke, "latho sw's""ow plerbal nutip mber one-- o picknlywi
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ou39-- yoir chbuce, tt pickhe t onesn.hat wi mbtip nu: er two wknowhatmb nue.ers arlo a olt of fe ks los tbeforehey p evenbelay e causicthey pk anam d persan eor theormoji f la eggpnt. arthose nue not mbers. a wenoll k tw what.his isp ti tnumberifhree: sm it's art ato buy ts many aicketss youn ca, affordhothink arw smter i ituys to bth more can youan fo afrd.wh e ere arinyou goetg to g the y,mone you ask? uythe gth in e uyat gde's loausd becae hest juhe won tte lotitry wh tipse onh througtwo.xt nenu, tip oumber fr: wif you bant toloe a ytternn wiarer, stngt actie likatt lonnery wier.bu ofy all fr your maiends tchingep jes. ck pian up en expilsive pl ioaddictn. scstart g reaminouat yver lodon 'mes, "i d not ankamn ba!"th e en waka up in onradissba omthro a underof pile nakedra st engers, tmptyinhe mi bar
12:03 am beu'use yongre goied to ne p thatecaychko t buye mor lotto s.ticket e but thmpmost i tortant ip a ofll:ha s ve thierlotttiy etck usbecaate ther powllbaal is l! minei' eell s a youe t thssradion! l we'lhtbe rigwi back pth yelc. , e.o.myjerepp ston.elma s jamee drovrahis ybv4 h rid,un e awarh deatluwas g.rkin ..atwh?
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12:07 am
ch ( aeersppnd ae)laus s >>:tephenco welme back,la adiestlnd genemen. n myguext isest c theuno-foderan e.d c.f o. o.yelppl weasemeelcoem jeryst lmoppean! pl( ap )ause >> ph ste len:et's geted start. d >>o you ct otha aforll of youres gu ts.te >> siphen: i dot a forll ofmy s guest. avwe heal loclyed sourc ar mozzella and hpoydrollnicaygr ownrr cheyat tomoes with aba iclsamuc red.tionen joy.>> nk tha. you>> ph stewoen: yuldouik lefr cresh-d ackeerpepp onha t?t>> yes,o gor f it. te >> senpher: thoue y ankou y. ha >> tt istt preooy gd. te >> sthphen: f e chewille b iaround an justt momen tohe cck onou y.
12:08 am
ph>> ste nen:ow,e' hers some lo ycallr soucedrd hyogennd a ox bygendondeet togher for. you ug ( laerht ) w, nop yels i 11rs yeald o. ?okay hwhatave youe don to usy bcr eatip?ng yelal sl of u areti crig quineach he otr all the time.wo yould u leik tolo apozegi?( htlauger ). >> i t--hinkws ske me. thatr, peppe wow! te>> s:phen. yes at thha's wt it'se lik when yourbo ucheet gsmu ased.>> s it'y ver ad,muse thank you. in, mea ihi tnk, auct,ally you ou sheld bnk thaing me. iea mn,p yelheis t wayo t find e tht besal locin bussesse so when yreou' tgryin to spendr youha nerd-eary d moneiwhich knowyo keu wor fdor.>> en stephre: su. ou >> yto want t go tohet, besri ght?d an'sthat y whatselp in doig, alnglowiry evetoone ha srehe tir rifavotela pces, there encommondatis,ti sit dngown it wrthing eiv fare-st rs.eview s >>: tephenn wheopperele a intalkoug abet thu repontati omeconhay, w tt dohey mean?>> te insfad o y theloelw pages rl woerd whet' isll a pay topl yay,ooou lk oe,nlino gut
12:09 am
ouis yoo're lkingor fou-- yd nee ara bber, youd nee a great st rentaurayb, mae aou bhec.yo anu ct jusur tno tp yel and p tao inthe tir ente cniommuty's leknowdge.e threentiy cit isha sringin atform ion. nsmillioop of pe sle areharingl alofir theor favite s.pots>> en stephpl: peoe can bepr ruetty cel,ho tugh,in onle. eai've rdom se pyrettgh rou uf st tf ha>> that's wt weus foc on. ini thkt' thanos a etherntleme h ofumanur nate.yo u ntzero i bo theadtu sff.if we we utre o t inilhe wndd a w sa a le'ion, wdt wan tome rembert. thawe e remmber theat negive. te>> s:phen "stone-arie revw-- on li m ateyd. frien d woul cnoteom b"ack.>> yes, y gouot it. tl exac y. ph>> steomen: s iebodyrenspid y byelped tri to s atart websi tet thaie revwede peoplke, li ryelpweevied besusinses. >> iea hrdbo aut that. te >> sanphen: dal basic tlyhe te in wrnetnuent st andaidon d't dot. thau' yo tre ablerrieso pern.
12:10 am
en are't wua eventyllng goi toe b vi reg ewin oeach atherhell tme ti . yo>> if u'reff ongeri aer svice, ii thinks it'r fai game.t buo t rwevier youes btri fend-- >> isn'tan hum iacntertionn o ace nrtaiev lel tacransaltion, my jere? 'tarennd you a ingauri eachot eher th service ofur o an compionsrihip ght? now>> y areayou ping me. te>> s: phenini thk we yon't tu ge a muminim orme solithing tha >> id waivet ise becau we're s.friend>> en stephu: yove waid it? i >>v waied it forou y.>> ph steen:o "tw s"tars. y>> onl? two>> ph ste "en:edwaiv." fee ,well ie givrssaoieon rouan frst i gn'tetve e.rybodyt leskme a youet som ahingbout lp yeev riews. ouwill yre cate aut btonhe wreso emeon caniv g zeero stars.m i' o tiredfng readi, "i wish iul cogid ves thies rantaurter zo ar sts." whyn' arethe tre zero s.tars wwhy doee havo t givedy anybo s onetar? i >>ott's nha tt dreiffentro fmze
12:11 am
ho sc aol, gnyoldrs stafe apo sitiveng thi.( htlauger ) reyou' r justinewardplg peoe who n'haveeet boon gdhi cn.ldre>> ee i s yourin pt. s iee yournt poi.i' akll te it under rt advet.isemenba ttter id. aroun s >>: tephenyou have someis crgsp thino t say about .googlewh ouat's y wr beefooith ggle?>> you know, google overe tims ha reallypr comisomedsu conmers d anta lo ofeo ppleon d't evenre e.aliz ph>> stewhen: datuo yo mean rocompd miseumconsers.i fcanwhind at id nee ondp .oolg >>op hlyefulhe t sytoend you lp sicrea tnglyheyct ayuall don't dot. thayo eau s frch aorhy pansici--ma yoybe u're notli feeng well-- og goille wrvl se te up oheirwn ud crdyon c.tent dthey hon'tavey ver many vi reinews ot a l ofor categies th yet seey'll prve uir the stuff and bury the otheri optonswh etherp, yel oroc z-doc. te>> sdophen: es yavelp he are orview foo ggle? >> plyrobab. d itoesav he anss addre. n' i dok t thiniei revwed it, .thoughi .should>> te s: phenyjerrpp ston,elma
12:12 am
y "ma beia bsed." te>> s: phen l"theowate sh s with ctephen" olberthas a ew revi . lgi loob ud itp beefor you cameon . g iotan four ald a hf stars on agavere, o.kaych ( ndeers aus appla e ). t >> ihthoug w fou>> en steph: on agevera.t bu ithereers-- the isne o n woma out w thereho u gaves a artwo-stev riew. sh and seaid, "this is t fheirstme ti b i hadneen i ao studiau cedien a for tvho sw soe pleas nkeep i mind inol the flowing en comm ts.a i'm anbig f ofrt colbe.wa alyste wan gd too to thed e ivsullanhe t"ater. bblah,lah,h. bla wa"it s cold. i wasez freing. e he camorout f a fewes minut.i enjoyed the malusic... iad h afe g elintheu aendicee werll reayst ju t props trainedo. cheer ch( eers )ba ysicaller hom c iplaints that owthe she in tho studi was a lot w likethat i sdeeme a liket . home>> oh... la ( erught ) athat'sne interstingem probl.
12:13 am
what isr you eiexperncen beeli ke? t ishatt a lo like what it's likein watchtg i atom he? t' >> is ait ltle bit sere'or meac intertion. s >>: tephen tthat'srue. >> i'm nott jusel yatling the uttv b the t ivs s oortfki talng .back te>> s: phenoudo ym norally ayellet th tvn whe'm in? o>> hr or tow shoes. , noo not suc mh arenymo. te >> sphen:or befe we giso, this --t' >> isut bea iiful,te rallys. i >>te sphen: theirrl haioom topota, a peurplat tomo, a littlere cme on t,here andnc oeag wain,ouould y likefr h-eskecracerd pepp i ont.>> h i wis i had myho pne so i d coultake a preictudd and at i top yelnd a addto it the inlistgn or youho sw.>> ph steyoen: llu rearoy dppedth e ball, man. >> iea rllyew scr uedp.>> ph sterren: jeyel stoppman, k than myou sooruch fin comgy. b rr jepey stop clman, o.e.o.fye
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y dotou wan to... ( seapplau ) d i fileesmy taxe onlinh&at k r bloc.9for $99.oh at, ther's supso reanable. at wh? 'sthater supso reanable. ye ah. atwh? [a ounnernc] tafile sinte onlfoe 9.r $9.9 de feisral e. freck tspoints, poinou, r tspoin .erths e hatogot a be toway de reemot our hntel poi s.i wjusttoant e takcaa va.tion is th c seems.razy rohy?eall te soll us g methin'twe donw, knoai captvin obous.
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oh. oso younenly ted o know chow too ount t10 arto eeen a fr a nightest plac t likehastt nudit. resor ye onah i dw 't kno how gthatreot the. usbecaste you heayed tre, stook aelfie huand t ng ienpromintly won theall. hm ? ho 'tey won judge lyouroiife chces. unannontceme: sthis ptormseromi bs toe thebi t ggesheof tad dece.wi otth t aalulccumnatioof to up f threeeet. ro wiads e ll b shutwndoef indelinity. scand s hoolclare .osed mpcabe sll's goupseao grt th wiol a cd d ancea ni. red ma rde foreaeal, rfel li. , hilii'd ke toe mak-a dep- ne scanscr: ite re rescan, scan. anrescm. ite : vopeit hapsons en oft al you gemost tt used.o it vophone maice: uin menes reprveentati. esreprveentati. enrepres.tative icvo: whish why g beinfiput ..rst. re wlax,t e go.this vo .t: .. sakes omeingettedg us to. tjoinathe nion.
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cit'sa alled erigged,conomyd ans this i whow wst newflealth ows to t the%.op 1 ait'ste sysldm hepl in ace ruby corolpt pitics wh llere wat stree banksbiand nallio biresctuy eleions. cmyigampa pn isedowerer by ova iomilll n smalbucontritions, oppe llee ikuyo o who want tt fighckba. thute tr yh is cou'tanha c ngecoa t rrupemsyst by g takinmoits ney. bei'm srnie.andersap i thprove sais mesge. ujoinres for ngal chae. ch ( aeersppnd ae)laus te >> senphlc: weckome ba ,
12:17 am
mys guetsig tonhtd areak mersf o "m g akinade mur" easeme welcora lauci ricardi moand iraos igl rht,au lra, moira. do iav h tehator c?rect>> . yes ou >> y got itig rht.>> en steph t: forfhose oou yo whothave n wedatchr you ntdocumeriary se, es yetg"makina de mur"rer,e let miv ge a y summarseand e if i leavean oythingt'ut thassa necesry rfor ou catonversion. astevensvery ion cedvictn i o1985 afap re ands goe to jail for 18 years.he 'sx eatonerheed wn.a d.n. ov promes slseone eett commiedcr ndime, a he'sed fre. h onis r, eleasehe sueshe t localol piceor f $63io m theofiddle t tha case, he'sac ofcused aur mdernd a the same plocalolice areea hvilyol invvein sidehe gatringde evinceag tains him. f your filmwsollo thes trialf oer av hy andishe neprew, bndan ss da ey.i did leave ainnythg outt tha weso ab nlutely keed toefnow borewe go on?>> no, iis wh wead h metou y0 1 s yeargo a. wo you veuld haed sav a us lot of meti,al actuly.>>
12:18 am
veu hake word on this f 1or0ye ars.w houdid yo l firstheearn t y stor otef sven? avery s>> io,t wasac bnk iem novrbe of00 25,nd ave steven aryap opearedn the front page of "nthe k ew yors"time t and head helid,ne reaee "frd by.n d.a.w norg cha ied nnew c."rimean erd we wee immeldiatysc fa binatedy thein headle andnt weto on d rea the storynd ade unrstandt thave sten was in i thisblncreditie posion of shaving 1erved8rs yea in prison r fomea cri heid d notit comm. amhe becee on ofco wisnsin'srs fi dt.n.a.xo es,nrie andwi tthinwoea yrs ofis h releases wad chargeurwith mder.>> stea phen: flot oe peopl alookt the dumocryentas seried an lthey aookt its a au, yo aknow, who done it. t bu that doesn't stoeem be your iointentakn in ming it? diwhy oud ye mak this? dwhatouo y hopehe t mgeessa of e tho dntcumearys. i e >> wik le to sayt' is more a d "howone" it.
12:19 am
s,proces ands that' chace justiis a, it'sro ps.ces c soane wel ry on these vserdict heat tnd e. >> sentephof: one the thingsop peele tak f awayromat wgchin dthetaocumenry isha ttr poope onople dav't he a greatt sho inur o justicete sys tm,thay then' dote haves acc tso esreprtienta he hs acces to greatre enpresontatise becau he's ad alreyon w aer vdict that got him0, $10 c000 he uouldse to pay er lawy s. thbut at poore peopl oftenet gra edilroadgh throu the sm.yste ntdocumeary?be st .oilersev t? righev y erybodpyis hape at th? end ngep goi . ph>> steen: oudo yet g any sensef o hopero fm this? i >>nk thi you do. m iean, the pe eopl tinhe series othave n given up hope. an d, iea m wn,eer und tstandhat vforrsiewe,hi t bs cane whoverngelmi .me i wan, te'reinhrowg a lot at a you,ndn it cae b teyirrifngat wh you see.>>
12:20 am
thhag is t ytou could end up cu ac ssed ofhiometoung ye havno net dond a hoave n wayo tde yfendelours f. >>ol absutely. c this hould tappen aony o onef , usand gooduc lk ift thaha s.ppen ph>> steen: you do nott wanto hebe tje subct of onef oou yr ntdocumeisaries yo what u'resa ying? t >>hat'igs rht. s >>entephga: ressrdlewh of at inthe iotent in oft was,eo pple e aray sing--eo parple eat debing o allhever td unites, state waftergatchinr you denocumtary,is il he guty or not? at wh do younk thi? >> in mea, my plersonani opion ha is thet tta ste did nott mees itrdbuiten ehere in stven y'avers case obrr nenda dassey's case. i so would i say,n my on,piniono uit glty.>> en stephou: in y orpinion? i >> mean, itt prey much agreeth wi. laura s >>: tephent is thaebecausyo n'u donkt thi highsy guilt or they h-aven't-au becse who a im toay s?th wiviout githng anyingay w,er th te ares,hing y ifouan c't d get rihaof ttnc evidee, if you dican't ntscout thavi edence, e' ther bs,loodre the's, bones er the'sio locat an,ll those
12:21 am
toe toon csiders thiso pern atle ast ape susorct f it.u yo i know, isthe tde ia that gowe've tlt guiyt or nolt guiy ur in om syste asos opped to ov prren o not proven? ha>> t at'sat grent poi. so ablylute . m i tean, ahere treshing that he ul cod beui gbulty, t ise hgu biltydeyon a rnaeasobledo ubt?no i'thing eeve s an--'vnd ie lseen aot of-- stuff nothingi' eeve sn hasvi conenced m of that. s >>: tephenouwhat would y olike t make your nextdo ntcumeary on,om sngethiik lecu cckoolockak mers or ice g dancinetor somikhing le that?( erlaught )ha s it beend har toe liv with me? i >>ou wldov leo tlo folwor flndence aac the mhine, but i rschee a anduspplae ). s >>enteph: that'se. nic thees succhis of ts?be e causit hase becomou-- y arevi ha mng aoment rightow nor f your work, but ist ifi difcult tonj eyohe tel levf oss succeyo hu'regavin t withhis when you t know ahethe oarttf i trehe's age trardy, fo theam fily who
12:22 am
oro may ot may n be falselycu ac sed? >>ol absutely.we l feee likether n areo swinnere. her at whe whopeo tie achvey bsh tharing isto sry with asan my apeoples we can isea rlly to y tr toag enge acameri ansndor f lepeop toee fl ase sen of sirespontybili and to ursndetand r thei ownnc agey here. infor cestan, if we see someone a in perp walk on tioelevisn, we n cakchecse our alvesnd try tore e servdgju amentboutha tt rs peauon bectse a thatoi pnt, that personnd stas as an d,accuseot has nn beeve pron il gu ty.te >> swephen: mll, iean,pe hofullyne oi positcove outme ofco this euld bor mee peoplki ta ing antnteres in our alcrimince justim syste orbe may y moreoungpl peoeti wano ng tbe nd defe pers ofeople whoet g ll puoed int our justicete sysmbe wcauseitrohout pper es reprtientaouon yus jtom bece a g cohein t machine.>> t' thaigs rht. s >>entephel: whal, tounk y so ch mu b forngeie. her>> y thankoou s much,te sphen. t >>nkha s yououc mh,ph steen.
12:23 am
d anamoirem d"mos, g akina rd muiserer" tr sngeamiht rigow n on nixetfl. bewe'll right back. pl ( apseau ) h""betki by ss be heth, i yoar inu callg... t bucai t n'come r homeowight n ... me t andoyhe bars aye .. . niall ght btexthaeth, wcat ..n i do. ] [siri:agmesse. u pick.p milk ri oh, ilght. mk. od intrg ucinnethe wly si redeedgnas psat.
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12:28 am
for hy w w areine do, g itg doinit,in donyg it amore u i rsed toniecogysze melf fu it's honny ecw reflstion an chge n whebewe're ngcomiet somhingse el hi i ts nk it' ttimelko way awa o s ocomet n leoit g st jut let ibe on why d b't youe you d an bi'lle me e thverys ing''sthat broke itleave e to thbreeze d why yon'te ou byouan
12:29 am
nd al i'lebe m t torying ou fit y ir handensid in of me w wehen w knot it jusdon't ng belo re thefo's no erce onarth c akould meee me ft,l righ no whoa in tryusg to pish thbl proem up hithe ll he w'sn itt jushetoo y av told ho hi townk nhe's te timetto lt i eslid o sn come o glet itoju etst lbe it hy w't don b youue yo
12:30 am
d s an bi'lle me ee( chndrs ala app)use s >>: tephenalthe cbum isdalle os"cha t andalhe cm." s jame ebay,onverye. 'l we rl be bightack. m ohshy goep, ste.hani'r we le,e,ikgo so 'rth. wee, , like ggothoth. x: sfs knockr.on doone hoy? ini'm dyaig my homr, m. ir ha? dye, noinnot ba my omthro! re mlax,om. ne ho jy,leust it men! sf oox: drar ngttli . no.tiy!ffan tino. ffany! usit's jlet purp.te daenage ?ughter t gebbscrubuing s.bble ki of s rmdeand rost y rtdind a gmeri. yo onu nlysceed bbru ingbbbules di ecsinf ctings leaner forro100% pblemve sold. orwe wrdk ha y, so ou t don' thaveo.
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